When a draw is a win!

Komma Lika* is a game that is integrated in your daily life, with the refrigerator serving as a game plan. 

Every time you do something for the shared household you get points. The points consist of triangular shaped magnets of different sizes. Each member of the household gets his/her own color, and together the different colored magnets form a nice pattern. When the game period is finished, the colors should ideally be balanced and equally distributed. Read more about how it works here.

Komma Lika is available in two versions – with 2 and with 4 colors.  Currently Komma Lika is distributed in Sweden, Poland, and France.

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*Komma Lika is Swedish for “getting equal” or “draw”.

On an ordinary day, the average Swedish woman spends on average 47 minutes more time on household work than the average Swedish man does. Source: SCB.
Komma Lika is
a playful way
to visualize differences.