How it works

Every time you do something for the shared household – the dishes, replace a broken light bulb, take the car to the auto shop, etc. – you get points. The points consist of triangular shaped magnets of different sizes. Each member of the household gets his/her own color, and together the different colored magnets form a nice pattern. When the game period is finished, the colors should ideally be balanced and equally distributed. Everybody wins by getting equal.

It is up to you to decide how long you want the game period to be. A week or two, until you run out of magnets, or until you together have formed one of the figures shown on the cards that come with the game.

Try playing a first round while leading your lives as usual, collecting points according to the rules. Evaluate the results. Are the colors balanced? Play again – this time, try to get as equal as possible.

Who wins? It’s not about winning – it’s about getting equal.

Use the figure cards

The game comes with 10 figure cards, which can be used as goals. To complete a figure each of you has to contribute equally. The cards that only have one color may be used by the children, who’s goals are set separately from the adults’.


Point = Magnet

Each chore is worth 1, 2, or 4 points, and the different magnets come in corresponding sizes. Each participant has its own color magnets. The chores are listed in the points table that come with the game.


If the given points doesn’t match how dull, painful, or time consuming you find something to be, you may collectively decide on changing the points. In the table there’s also additional space for you to add more chores.